As a child, founder and creative of C.O.S, Rebecca Castano-Mander was bullied, she didnt look like everyone else. 

And, that never changed. Rebecca opted to throw her energy into productive things, she volunteered at the country hospital where she grew up to cheer up sick kids, and later started mentoring Primary School kids. As a young adult, she volunteered at the VET to cuddle and clean the injured animals.

So why Skincare? Rebecca became a mother. And after using a commercial brand of baby bath wash, her son broke out in a nasty rash. She researched why and was shocked. Rebecca decided if a machine could produce harmful skincare products, surely her two hands could produce a natural and gentle alternative. And after many failed attempts, she finally succeeded.

12 months later, after becoming certified, she launched Celebratzio Skincare

My story is a long one, but I welcome you to be apart of it.

Enjoy and Celebratzio your skin.

You, your family and the earth deserve it 

XO Rebecca
You deserve a Skincare that's on your side.