Image courtesy of ABC News Bush fire Coverage

COS is not accepting donations or requesting donations from customers. So what are we doing ?

Providing toiletries to Emergency Crews on the ground and the victims

Sending and supplying Gift Cards

Regular Cash Donations

As Australians we stand together, we unite as one, we step up, and help those who have fallen down, get back up again….stronger !
So, lets do this, because we’re AUSTRALIAN !

At COS, we’re on a mission to create ripple effects of environmental sustainability, support our youth to achieve and accomplish their goals and support ethically run and Fair trade Indigenous farming communities globally. Why? Because if you have a voice, you have the power to make great things happen, together !

Here are some examples of what were doing to create a healthier, kinder and sustainable community for us all.


  • Tree Planting Community Days
  • Working with local and interstate employment agencies to help youth achieve their goals and get on the right path
  • Trading with Fair Trade and Ethical farmers
  • Mentoring at risk youth to guide them to a brighter future
  • Sponsoring at risk youth to further their study