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Our face custard is specifically forumated to compliment the work our cleanser and exfoliator have already done. Deep condition your pores, but lightly and with a gentle infusion of Madagascan vanilla bean.

The purpose of our face custard is to reduce dark spots, provide you with a confident and healthy complexion and offer a practical less is more option.

Shea nut butter is a concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids, naturally contains Lupeol Cinnamte and Oleic Stearic. What do all of these mean? In a “nut shell”, fatty acids help to moisturise, Cinnamic acid reduces inflamation and Oleic Stearic smooths the skin. It has been known to act as natures Collagen.


Olive Leaf Extract is a world renowned anti-oxidant that lowers blood pressure.

And Lemon Myrtle is one of our favourites. Why? Because its main property is to calm the mind, boost the mood and help relax the mind and soul.

And, Madagascar Vanilla. In short its an incredible antioxidant and it smells divine. An interesting fact about this vanilla is it relied on a rare black Mexican Bee to polinate naturally. A French 12 year old on Bourbon Island discovered how to hand pollinate the Vanilla Orchids, and now has become commonplace on the Island of Madagascar. And we’re proud to be able to source and support the distributors there.



Key ingredients-:

  • Lemon myrtle extract
  • Olive Leaf
  • Madagascan Vanilla bean extract
  • Shea Nut butter

Supportive ingredients

Jojoba, olive and safflower oils, Citric acid.

You deserve to unwind and feel like you can take on the world.

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30 ml, 250 ml, 500ml refill biodegradable pouch

2 reviews for Madagascan Vanilla Face Custard (Light Face Moisturiser)

  1. Jaana

    One of my favourites! Feels light and easily absorbed into my skin. Perfect for morning and night.

  2. Laura

    A little bit goes a long way! This custard is so moisturizing. It doesn’t make my face oily at all. I use it straight after cleansing and I have noticed my skin is more brighter and well nourished. Thankyou!

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