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Mist for Megy is now a permanent addition to the COS Family. Made with Fairtrade Madagascan Vanilla, aloe vera, Mount Tamborine Purified water and vitamin E.

It is formulated to assist with facial rehydration, reducing free radical damage to your pores, and provide instant refreshment when your face feels dry, tight and bloated. Perfect for all seasons of weather, after fitness sessions or the dreaded 3.30 itis.

This very special Mist will now be sold with all proceeds going to her beautiful young family. Justin and Harper. Unfortunately, Megy can no longer wrap us in her soulful hugs or make the world brighter with her beaming smile. This kind warrior, this embodiment of sunshine with her streak of cheekiness, has grown her wings.


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Ingredients :

Purified Mount Tamborine Spring Water

Aloe Vera

Fair Trade Madagascan Vanilla

Vitamin E

Citric Acid


How to use:

Spritz onto face, eyes closed. Enjoy the instant boost of hydration.