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The Little Human’s Collection is made with Certified Organic ingredients, we guarantee our products are 100% cruelty free, and because our entire collection is handmade, we promise our products are gentle and kind.

Your babies skin is sensitive, we recommend using our collection 2 weeks after birth. If used prior to 2 weeks, essential oils and extracts can react to your babies skin. Although this hasn’t been the case for Celebratzio Organic Skincare, cases have been noted. Our mission is to educate, share our knowledge and provide skincare that is safe and gentle, and we take that mission seriously.


Little Human’s Body Wash – Castille Soap, Essential Oil, Chamomile.





Soft, gentle and made just for your little humans. Our body wash is naturally scented with a sweet fruit extract blend. Whether baby bath time is loved or loathed, the sweet aroma will make things fun.


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Travel Size 30ml, 250ml, 500ml refill biodegradable pouch


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