An Organic formulation to tackle a dry scalp and promote hair growth and hair care. Our specialist range of Shampoo and Conditioner is your solution to a refreshing scalp cleanse with the power of Ginger and Green Tea and followed through with a luxurious and deeply conditioning treatment that also promotes hair growth. We add Raspberry Leaf and Aloe Vera to our specialist formulation, feel confident knowing your stunning locks are all natural, no silicone, chemicals or petrol.

Curly Girls rejoice – Our Shampoo is No Poo and both Shampoo and Conditioner are curly girl approved.

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  • Our pack includes :

    Clarifying Shampoo – Removes oil build up from scalp and invigorates the pores.

    Intense hydrating Conditioner – Aims to reduce split ends and dry follicles. Hydration boosting so your hair doesn’t just look health with a fake shine, its honestly is with the Aloe Vera we add.

    Scalp Massage wand – Works with our Shampoo to really work your pores and to let the shampoo work deeply into your scalp. Its also great before bed to release any anxiety in your scalp, its relaxing. After all its a massage.

    Satin Pillowcase- After you have rinsed your conditioner, or left it it – depending on how much TLC your hair needs. Once dried, pop your hair in a pineapple and go to sleep. Our satin pillowcase unlike regular pillowcases will not frizz your hair. Its primary goal is to allow your head and hair to slide and move without friction, stress and reduce breakage.

  • A healthy and refreshed scalp is the first step, step two is to give your hair the support and moisture it needs to grow and shine – naturally.



    Size : 30 ml - 500ml refill pouch - 500ml
  • A healthy, happy and clean scalp promotes healthy hair growth. We’ve made sure that our specialised formulation provides your scalp with a gentle cleanse without stripping your skin of natural oils.



    Size : Travel Size 30ml - 500ml refill pouch - 500ml