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  • Diamond Tonic Shampoo

    We care about your hair, and we care about the scalp it grows from. A healthy and clean scalp will always promote healthy hair. We add a touch of Witch Hazel which is known to treat skin irritations and brilliants removes excess oil from the skin.

    Witch Hazel – Reducing inflammation

    Aside from the benefits of Witch Hazel, our base is made of Green Tea, Ginger and Aloe Vera.

    Green Tea is amazing, it contains catechins which have biological effects like killing bacteria.

    Green Tea – For inside and out

    And then there is Aloe Vera, most commonly used to soothe sunburn but also known to boost hair growth, it acts as an anti- inflammatory and best of all it contains Proteolytic enzymes which actively repair dead skin cells on the scalp which can reduce dandruff.

    Aloe Vera – Soothes and Protects


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    Size : 30 ml - 100 ml - 250 ml